Shipping container pool in garden

Shipping Container Pool FAQs to Know

Shipping container pools are making waves for many reasons.

They’re long-lasting, portable, self-contained, and extremely affordable compared to their traditional counterparts. Installing a container pool is a fantastic method to recycle, reuse, and decrease waste while having a quick dip. Here are the FAQs you need to know. 

Sizes and permits

Before establishing a shipping container pool, you should first think about any licenses you could require from your neighborhood housing authority. Before continuing, make sure you have all the necessary licenses and have paid any costs that may be due. You can find out what kind of shipping container pool you can put in on your property by doing a little research, but if you have any lingering concerns, get in touch with your association or local housing authority for further details.

Next, think about how big a pool you want to construct. There are two straightforward options to choose from because 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers are the two standard sizes. The typical height of a shipping container is 8 feet, 6 inches, although certain high cube shipping containers offer an additional foot of height.

What features can you install in a shipping container pool?

Shipping container pools have a number of characteristics, just like regular pools. Consider adding heating and divider elements to a shipping container pool if you want a hot tub or a pool and hot tub combination.

Shipping containers that are longer are ideal for swimming laps if you need a pool for training. Dividers might again be helpful to add multiple sections if you want to have a training area for the pool and a place for the kids to play at the same time.

You may even add other amenities, like LED color-changing lighting, to your shipping container pools to help glam them up. These days, you can easily control the lighting and heating features with the touch of a button on your smart devices.

What does a shipping container pool cost?

Speaking of costs, there are several distinct variables that can affect how much shipping container pools cost, with the primary one being the size of the shipping container. However, there is a significant price difference between shipping container pools and conventional in-ground pools.

For instance, the average cost of a classic in-ground pool is about $49,000, with costs ranging from $35,000 to $65,000 on average. On the other hand, the price of shipping container pools often ranges from $16,500 to $39,900. Shipping container pools are a remarkably economical alternative, like other shipping container buildings. The price range of shipping container pools is typically less expensive than the average price of any classic or conventional in-ground pool alternative.

Designs and customization 

A lot of unique and inventive things may be done to make your shipping container pools stand out to all of your friends and family, similar to how shipping container pools themselves are highly creative and original.

If your shipping container pool is above ground and you have children, you can design the outside of the pool to match the style of your backyard or house. As previously indicated, you may turn one pool into several by dividing and/or adding more shipping containers, regardless of whether you choose an above-ground or in-ground shipping container pool.

Do you want to swim for exercise but have young children that adore splashing around? This is a fantastic chance to divide your backyard's shipping container pool into a location to exercise and have fun.

Looking to improve the aesthetics of your pool? Transform the shipping container walls with glass for a stylish, cutting-edge appearance that complements the industrial style of the containers.