10 Reasons Why a Fiberglass Pool Should Be Your Next Home Upgrade

10 Reasons Why a Fiberglass Pool Should Be Your Next Home Upgrade

You've made the choice and decided to 'dive in' and build your own private retreat, a location where you can unwind, have fun, and simply enjoy life. But what kind of pool should you pick? We've put together the top 10 reasons to select a fiberglass swimming pool. Grab your swimsuits, and let's go diving!

1. Quick installation time

Your ready-to-install fiberglass swimming pool is delivered straight from the factory. In fact, after council permission, you might be swimming in as soon as 4 days. This contrasts with the construction of a concrete pool, which can take months and result in an unsightly backyard.

2. Smooth finish 

Swimming pools made of fiberglass have a non-abrasive, squeaky-clean gel-coat finish. There are no jagged edges or unfinished surfaces. Contrast that with some pebble pools, which can damage your skin due to their abrasiveness.

3. Requires no upkeep

The gel-coat finish is not only gorgeous but also very easy to maintain. Because the surface is smooth and non-porous, it is exceptionally stain resistant and easy to clean.

4. Minimal use of chemicals

Swimming in a toxic concoction is not appealing. However, the reality is that certain pool designs need ongoing maintenance and pricey chemicals- unlike fiberglass pools. Since the surface is chemically inert, nothing can change the water's chemistry. This results in extremely little chemical use and significant pool operating expense reductions.

5. Surprising strength 

 Fiberglass pools are thicker. Due to the great tensile strength of fiberglass, ground movement can be accommodated by the pool shell flexing without cracking. 

6. Excellent designs

The cutting-edge technology used in pool design ensures each design is an all-new creation adhering to current architectural and conceptual trends. There is a pool design that will perfectly fit your house.

7. Colors

You can pick the ideal color to match your house, preferences, and budget with fiberglass Pools' exclusive range of gorgeous colors, each with its own glitter and shimmery finish.

8. The best decision

Sometimes, the pool builder's vision doesn't match what we envision in our heads. What you see is what you get with fiberglass swimming pools. The sizes and shapes of swimming pools are produced using molds and cannot be altered in any manner.

9. Compatibility

All types of chlorinators—salt, chlorine, fresh water, and ozone—work incredibly well with fiberglass swimming pools. Any decision you make will be compatible.

10. Guarantee

If you receive other quotations, find out if a lifetime warranty is offered on the pool's construction. You will receive a 7-year warranty at most for a concrete swimming pool; do you anticipate keeping your pool for a longer period of time? Then get a fiberglass pool!