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The DIY Spray Foam Kit Is More Affordable Than You Think

 Here is all the information you require on the price of a DIY spray foam insulation kit.

 The many advantages of spray foam insulation are probably well known to you if you're considering insulating your home or a portion of your property. Spray foam insulation is applied to a surface using a gun and is more flexible than other types of insulation, making it the best choice for insulating small cavities like air pockets, holes, and interiors of walls. Spray foam is a fantastic alternative for insulating surfaces with irregular textures like concrete slabs, the undersides of floors, and attic surfaces because of its flexibility and resilience.

Having said that, the price of hiring a professional to install spray foam insulation can occasionally dissuade people from adopting it for their homes. Buying a spray foam insulation kit and tackling the project yourself is one approach to address that problem. Be aware that this DIY project can be rather stressful and that spray foam can be expensive, particularly closed-cell spray foam. But if you're willing to do it, you'll save a lot of money.

What Is a Kit for Spray-On Insulation?

Ready to start the insulation process but unsure of what precisely a spray foam insulation kit consists of? These kits simplify the process and enable you to achieve big financial savings. A dispensing spray gun, cone spray nozzles, fan spray nozzles, a gun hose, quick-cure polyurethane foam, an ISO (A) cylinder, a Polyol (B) cylinder, and a spray gun are typically found within. For the majority of folks with even a little home renovation experience, the directions are often simple to understand.

Price of Spray Foam Insulation Kits



MEDIUM PRICE RANGE 300-500$ 450$-650$


The closed-cell or open-cell nature of the foam is a key consideration when determining the price of a spray foam insulation kit. Due to its greater rigidity, stability, and compactness compared to open-cell foam, closed-cell insulation is a fantastic choice for insulating the interiors of walls and other areas where you want to improve structural integrity. Additionally, it costs more than the other two options.

In addition to being relatively affordable, open-cell spray foam's main advantage is that it expands after being sprayed. This makes it an excellent choice for high-up, difficult-to-reach areas of your home such as ceiling cracks and gaps. It's a wonderful choice for soundproofing as well. Remember that open-cell spray foam doesn't insulate as effectively as closed-cell foam does (it has a lower R-value), so if you live in a cold climate you might want to spend more money on closed-cell.

The amount of surface area you are insulating will certainly affect how much an open-cell DIY spray foam kit costs (this is the option that is more popular among homeowners). You may purchase DIY kits for about $40 at the low end of the price range. These kits are a fantastic alternative for patching up previously installed insulation or insulating the areas around doors and windows because they typically contain 12 to 15 board feet of insulation.

Open-cell spray foam kits that cost between $300 and $350 fall into the intermediate price bracket. These kits are a suitable choice for medium-sized applications including sealing roof and wall joints, attic walls, and basement sill plates because they typically produce 200 board feet of spray foam.

You can find options for open-cell spray foam insulation kits that cost up to $700 at the top end of the price spectrum. These are suitable for large insulation tasks, such as insulating your entire home, as they normally produce between 600 and 650 board feet of insulation.

Online or at your neighborhood hardware store, you might find a DIY open-cell spray foam insulation kit for a lot less money than the costs listed above. Although it's possible that you've merely found a great price, you should be aware that certain formulae make the claim to be a "quick cure." As a result, the DIY insulation job you complete may not last very long because spray foam is designed for little patch-up projects rather than a full insulation job. Before you jump at the best offer you can find, keep this in mind.

On average, closed-cell DIY spray foam kits cost $150 more than open-cell ones.

Remember that you will need supplies such as eye protection, gloves, and masks that are not part of the package in order to complete a DIY spray foam project successfully. You'll also need tape or plastic to prepare the area so you don't spray foam inadvertently on a spot you're not intending to insulate. You might also need to purchase more hoses. Despite the fact that many kits come with extras, they are notorious to clog easily.

Hire a Contractor vs. Do It Yourself Spray Foam Insulation

Should you install the spray foam insulation yourself? Depending on the circumstances, but with a little know-how and strict respect to the guidelines included with each spray foam insulation kit, the majority of homeowners can complete the project. However, if you'd rather avoid the extra work and hire an expert, be prepared to fork over anywhere between $1,300 and $4,000 for the task.