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Evolving Bathroom Design Trends for 2023 and Emphasis on Detail

Embark on a journey through the innovative and captivating bathroom design trends of 2023, as we explore how spaces of personal rejuvenation are being reimagined with elegance and flair.

The bathroom serves as the true sanctuary within the home, offering a haven for tranquility, solitude, and a chance to unwind. Therefore, meticulous design holds immense significance in these spaces. 2023 is poised to be an intriguing year for bathroom design, as numerous individuals are wrapping up projects initiated in preceding years, overcoming the supply chain challenges that arose during the pandemic. This extension has breathed new life into former trends and styles, allowing them to flourish even further as homeowners finally relish in their fruition.

Looking ahead to 2024, bathroom design takes on heightened importance. Whether you're presently engaged in crafting a fresh bathroom concept or seeking to rejuvenate an existing one, consider these ten bathroom design trends that interior designers anticipate will shape the landscape in the coming year.


Terrazzo has experienced a significant revival in recent times, owing to its delightful retro charm. The resurgence of terrazzo is particularly noticeable in the realm of bathroom design. According to Hollis LaPlante and Jordyn Grohl from Hollis Jordyn Design, terrazzo holds a special allure for them when it comes to bathroom aesthetics. They emphasize its distinctive ability to elevate the space and introduce an elegant pattern. In a recent project they undertook, fluted terrazzo tiles adorned the walls, accompanied by generously sized square terrazzo tiles, effectively infusing depth and tactile appeal.

For those seeking to enrich a bathroom with a subdued color palette, these designers suggest that incorporating terrazzo is an ideal avenue for making a bold statement without overwhelming the senses.

Vibrant Tile Selection

Tiles are an essential component of any bathroom, so why not opt for a bold approach? As per Laplante and Grohl, the era of mundane all-white bathrooms has passed. They assert that the bathroom serves as an ideal canvas for embracing bold tile choices, enabling your individuality to radiate.

Furthermore, they emphasize the transformative impact of daring tile designs within the shower, creating an immediate focal point that enhances the overall ambiance of the room. The designers express their fondness for integrating striking, intricately patterned tiles into bathroom decor, infusing an air of lightheartedness and providing an avenue to incorporate engaging textures into the space.

Vibrantly Colored Washbasins

Prepare for a notable resurgence of colorful sinks in the year 2023. LaPlante and Grohl reveal a prominent trend emerging in bathroom design: the embrace of non-traditional, vibrant sinks. According to their insights, adorning a powder room sink with a lively hue stands as one of the finest methods to amplify the design and bestow true grandeur upon a compact area.

The allure of colorful sinks is particularly pronounced in powder rooms, where they effortlessly seize attention within the confined space, forming a captivating focal point. The designers enthusiastically endorse the pairing of a vibrant sink with an audacious wall paint, thereby intensifying the visual impact and conjuring a bathroom space reminiscent of a precious jewel box.

Elevated Aesthetics in Powder Rooms

Recent times have witnessed a heightened appreciation for meticulously crafted powder room designs. These compact yet distinctive spaces offer an avenue for homeowners who typically favor reserved aesthetics to venture into more daring design territories. It's an opportunity to gently deviate from the overarching home concept. Tamarra of Younis from Union of Art Interiors encourages homeowners to grant their diminutive powder rooms a monumental impact, transforming them into unexpected gems nestled within the household.

Such a transformation promises an enchanting surprise and an extraordinary experience for guests seeking a moment of respite. Tamarra adds that witnessing the smiles of your guests as they encounter this refined powder room ambiance will etch a heartwarming memory that endures through time.

Artisanal Vanity Creations

Elevating the allure of every bathroom, vanities hold the potential to infuse intriguing character and contribute to the overarching ambiance of the space. While the concept of repurposing cabinets and furniture has been in vogue among designers, it has transitioned from a trend to a recurring demand. Tamarra Younis from Union of Art Interiors assures that custom-crafted vanities resembling exquisite furniture pieces are firmly entrenched in the design landscape. To ensure enduring elegance, Younis advocates a fusion of enduring materials, like natural marble stones and opulent walnut woods, coupled with delicate textures.

Danny Spears of Captex Construction underscores the environmentally conscious dimension of such bespoke vanity designs. Employing vintage or repurposed vanities not only imparts an elegant and chic aura to the space, but also serves as a sustainable endeavor, safeguarding these pieces from ending up as landfill waste. Beyond aesthetics, these vanities instill a sense of warmth and curated charm, thus contributing to an inviting and approachable primary bathroom. Spears emphasizes that eco-conscious design transcends trends, consistently remaining a timeless and ever-relevant choice.

Bid farewell to manufactured sinks and vanities as 2023 ushers in a shift towards more authentic and imperfect materials in bathroom design. Alice Arterberry and Barrett Cooke from Arterberry Cooke predict a prevailing trend of embracing warm and inviting bathroom aesthetics. This translates to increased utilization of natural materials like tumbled, brushed, or honed stone, as well as wood and handcrafted tiles such as zellige.

Interior designer Francesca Grace of Francesca Grace Home highlights the prominence of stone and travertine sinks in this movement. According to her, the sink presents a remarkable canvas for creating a distinctive bathroom atmosphere, with the installation of a stone sink capable of defining the space and delivering a striking visual statement.

Striking and Standalone Bathtubs

The allure of customized and standalone bathtubs has held its place in the design spotlight for several years, and it appears that this aesthetic is set to endure. Many experts anticipate that this trend will maintain its influence. Danny Spears of Captex Construction asserts that this approach serves as an exceptional method for establishing a captivating focal point within the room, while simultaneously imparting substantial value to your residence. To achieve a dramatic and upscale ambiance akin to a spa, Spears suggests integrating gold fixtures with the bathtub in the primary bathroom.

The growing preference for more opulent bathtubs also reflects the contemporary emphasis on self-care. Sapna Aggarwal from Bungalow underscores the significance of indulging in a well-deserved bath after a taxing day or using a lavishly designed tub to transition from work-from-home routines to domestic life. This trend not only enhances aesthetics but also aligns with the evolving value placed on personal rejuvenation.

Uncoated Brass Hardware

While Spears regards silver and matte black hardware as passing trends, he envisions a more enduring role for uncoated brass hardware in the years ahead. According to him, uncoated brass possesses a timeless quality and possesses the capacity to make a distinctive impression within neutral bathrooms. The preference for uncoated brass is grounded in its subdued luster compared to lacquered finishes, allowing for seamless integration into spaces, thus contributing to an enduring and timeless aesthetic.

Zellige Tile Charm

Zellige tiles emanate a tactile warmth and exude a timeless elegance that sets them apart from other tile varieties. Their presence on a wall is nothing short of captivating. Kirsten Blazek from A1000xBetter anticipates a continued surge in the popularity of Zellige tiles well into 2023. She emphasizes that the appeal of this tile style has endured over the past three years, owing to its innate organic allure that seamlessly harmonizes with a spectrum of architectural styles, whether it's a historic character home or a contemporary new build.

Blazek underscores the economic advantage of Zellige tiles, which offer a budget-friendly alternative, particularly pertinent in an era marked by extended lead times. The extensive array of available color options further solidifies Zellige tiles as an impeccable choice in the realm of bathroom design.

Meticulous Focus on Particulars

Renata Vasconez and Samantha Gallacher, co-founders of IG Workshop, anticipate that meticulous attention to detail will emerge as an integral aspect of the design process in 2023. They project a heightened emphasis on intricate nuances when it comes to bathrooms, with a notable shift toward meticulous material and fixture selections. According to the designers, toilets and bathtubs are poised to take on more prominent roles as centerpieces within bathroom design.

Their insights reveal a surge in demand for creatively colored ceramic toilets, harmonizing effortlessly with both recessed and bowl sinks, thus adding a captivating touch. This trend is expected to gain momentum. Plumbing fixtures are also set to undergo a transformation, with the integration of marble handles and the preference for bronze and gunmetal finishes in lieu of traditional nickel tones. This deliberate attention to detail is poised to redefine bathroom aesthetics in the coming year.