Helldivers 2

The Ministry of Truth, Justice and the Superplanet Way

According to the detailed records in the original Helldivers' in-game encyclopedia: “Utilizing computer-aided voting software, citizens are asked to answer several questions, and the outcome of their vote is decided upon by the computer. This removes the uncertainty that existed in the old systems where voters didn’t understand fully what they were voting for, giving us Managed Democracy.”

 Some have crudely compared this system to a personality quiz, yet it is infinitely more comprehensive. Through this, the impeccable Federation is able to discern the deepest convictions and emotions, ensuring the selection of suitable leaders for those citizens who have rightfully earned their voting privileges.

Detractors of our esteemed Federation have falsely claimed that our advanced voting machines are vulnerable to manipulation, suggesting that our technology could be imperfect.

Moreover, voicing such opinions is not only gravely illegal but also punishable by life imprisonment or death. Ignore and report any individuals spreading such falsehoods, as they are likely delusional or under the influence of our adversaries.

Helldivers 2 lore: Initial Encounter with the Terminid Threat

The brilliant adoption of Managed Democracy enabled Super Earth's prosperity and the development of faster-than-light travel by the year 2084. It was then that we encountered the ruthless Terminids.

Some forgetful Super Earth inhabitants assert that the Terminids were initially open to dialogue and not aggression, unfairly accusing the peace-loving Federation of Super Earth of initiating this sorrowful war.

There are also unfounded rumors suggesting that the leadership aims to extend the conflict with the Terminids to exploit them for essential fossil fuels. Should you encounter mission communications stating “THIS THREAT IS ALL ABOUT OIL” or “WAKE UP PEOPLE! THE BUG MENACE IS A SUPER EARTH CONSTRUCT,” eliminate these messages at once for EXP and Super Credits.

Our researchers are in no way responsible for the recent surge in Terminid activity, and to claim otherwise is to label yourself a traitorous dissenter. The extraction of oil from their remains is merely a fortunate byproduct of our defense of Managed Democracy

Helldivers 2 Lore: The Evolution from Cyborgs to Automatons

To comprehend the Automaton threat, one must look back at the Cyborgs who troubled our Helldivers during the initial Galactic War also known as Helldivers 1. Composed of defectors from Managed Democracy who advocated for Socialism—a notably inferior political stance—these individuals enhanced their bodies striving to rival the inherently superior soldiers of the Federation-endorsed Democracy.

These “hippies” have now progressed further, abandoning what remained of their human essence to transform into full Automatons, embedding their flawed ideologies into their software.

The more astute Helldivers may overhear them proclaiming “We have eliminated inequality” in their monotonous tones, a blatant falsehood. The disparity in their ability to inflict damage is evident proof to the contrary.

Recent intelligence dispels rumors of the Federation's intent to utilize Automaton AI to enhance our election systems as mere propaganda. The valor shown at Malevalon Creek speaks to the truth.

This Federation-endorsed overview of Helldivers 2 lore is provided for enlightenment. It may challenge your dedication to Managed Democracy. In such instances, reaffirming your loyalty by saluting the Super Earth flag is recommended. (Note: Neglecting to do so could have consequences).