The Unlikely Fashion Trend

Hoodies and sweatshirts have traditionally been considered "rotten clothing" which should not be worn outside of one's home. Those days are gone, at least since the start of the Corona pandemic, and the athflow look is here to stay in 2022.

A brief explanation- v. The fabric is smooth on the exterior, but thanks to a particular lining thread, it is warm on the inside. These comfortable tops started off as sports sweaters, but they've evolved into so much more. Hoodies, which are essentially sweatshirts with a hood, are in the same category (with an optional belly pocket and raglan sleeves). Sweatshirts and hoodies, on the other hand, are much more than just sports sweaters. Find out which models get and even trend pieces are here.

Hoodies in a washed out look

Retro is in vogue! Not just when it comes to sneakers, clothes, and hairstyles, but also when it comes to hoodies. They can now have the appearance of having been around for 20 years and had many washes. In other words, the colors appear faded and washed out, the patterns appear worn out, the fabric appears worn out, and the fit is worn out. At first glance, it does not appear to be very appealing, but when properly integrated, it looks to be quite attractive:

Neat styling partners are required to keep the trendy hoodie from looking too much like a lotter look. It's not a good idea to have a worn-out appearance from head to toe! Wear the washed-out sweater with classic slacks, eye-catching pockets, a lot of jewelry, and/or a strict hairstyle for a style breakthrough. As a result, it'll undoubtedly be fashionable.

There's a lot of (retro) print

Speaking of retro, when it comes to sweatshirts, the vintage vibe is one of the season's hottest trends, particularly in print models. Gray XXL sweaters with throwback patterns on the front, which seem like something out of an 80s high school movie, are particularly popular.

By the way, the men's section is also worth checking out. There are many print sweaters available, but men's sweaters are usually cut a size larger and more casually. What's new now: The print doesn't have to be on the front anymore; it can also be on the back!

Brightly colored hoodies and sweatshirts

Sweatshirts and hoodies have officially become popular pieces in the last two years, and may now be worn as the focal point of an outfit. So go ahead and grab a bright or pastel-colored sweater; fashion experts like Mandy Bork will show you how to do it.

Hoodies, which were not particularly sporty in pre-pandemic days, are today precisely erwünscht (desirable). The monochromatic jogging suit look, especially when paired with a bright it-bag, clunky sneakers, and a long coat, has become quite fashionable. It is, of course, a little more elegant. The bright color top complements the whimsical skirt nicely, and the chain layering adds to the effect.

An all-black look

You don't like wearing bright colors? If that's the case, this hoodie trend is for you. In 2022, we still wear jet black basic hoodies with black components, such as leather pants, a dark bomber jacket, and rough boots, in addition to colorful throwback styles. Ready is a casual, laid-back trend appearance that complements the current dystopian-core aesthetic wonderfully.

Knitted hoodies

This spring, you can choose a knitted hoodie if you like something more exquisite. It blends the beautiful look of a fine knit sweater with the relaxed fit of a hoodie, giving it the appearance of a balaclava worn over a cashmere sweater, doesn't it?

Knitted hoodies are often composed of high-quality materials and are available in muted colors such as beige or cream. When it comes to styling, we stick to a classic, muted color palette because: elegant hoodies look best when worn in monochromatic, that is, with pieces of the same hue. This gives the whole look a more refined appearance.

Cropped styles

In spring 2022, the current Y2K trend will affect not only our jeans fits (keyword: low-waist comeback) and shoe choices, but also our shirts. Sweatshirts and hoodies are now available in a belly-free version. Not only is the cut short (the trend sweater falls somewhere between the waist and the hips), but it's also not figure-hugging, rather boxy. A little retro, but most importantly, incredibly sexy for a former sports sweater!

Tip: To stay up with the cropped style without having to buy a new sweatshirt, simply roll up the sweater to the desired length.