How Lingerie Trends Are Redefining Fashion From Runways to Bedrooms

From daring mesh to classic corsets, dive into the hottest lingerie trends of 2023 and transform your style, confidence, and bedroom allure.

Hey, let's talk about the most important part of your outfit that you put on first thing in the morning – your undies! They have the power to make you feel sexy, confident, and like a total boss, no matter what clothes you wear on top.

So, here are the hottest lingerie trends you gotta know about in 2023. Check 'em out!

Mesh & Unlined

Mesh has been all the rage in fashion for the past year, popping up in tops, dresses, and even as inserts. And guess what? It has made its way into lingerie too! Lots of folks are opting for mesh bras and underwear because they offer a lightweight and more natural feel.

Mesh bras, in particular, are like the cool cousin of those comfy bralettes we all rocked during the COVID lockdown. They still give you that free-spirited sensation while providing a little lift.

Now, let's be real. Mesh and unlined bras might not be suitable for every occasion, but they definitely have a special spot in our wardrobes.

Underwear As Outerwear

Okay, so we've all noticed how bra tops have become super popular in the past year, right? Well, it looks like our panties don't want to be left out either!

Check out the latest trend: "underwear as pants." Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are totally into it. They either rock boyshorts as actual pants or layer bikini underwear under black opaque tights to add a touch of sexiness. It's all about that extra oomph!

Balconette Bras

Listen up, ladies! Balconette bras are here to give you a little less coverage than your typical demi or t-shirt bra. They work for all breast shapes and are especially great if you've got a fuller bust. You can find balconette bras in lace or solid fabric, and they come in different varieties like push-up or more rounded shapes.

Now, don't get it twisted. A balconette bra is not just any old lingerie. It offers more coverage and comfort but still brings that touch of class and beauty you expect from fancy lingerie. These bras lift you up from the bottom and have straps that move toward the center of the cup, keeping everything in place. It's the perfect combo of style and comfort, ladies!


Guess what's making a major comeback? Denim-on-denim, baby! And this trend isn't just limited to our regular clothes. Even our lingerie is getting in on the denim action! Denim bras and bra tops were strutting down the runway at big-name shows like Givenchy, Blumarine, and PatBo.

Denim bras are so versatile. You can rock them as a standalone top, but don't be afraid to layer them under sweaters or jackets for a cool and edgy look. It's time to embrace the denim obsession from head to toe, or in this case, from bra to bottom!

Corsets & Bustiers

Don't even think about saying goodbye to corsets just yet! They're here to stay and are totally in style, whether you rock them as a trendy top or as a secret undergarment.

And here's the extra exciting part: vintage corsets are all the rage! Lots of celebrities and even Hollywood costume designers are opting for designer pieces from the 90s instead of newer styles. It's all about that nostalgic charm and bringing back a touch of retro flair. So, if you want to add some vintage vibes to your wardrobe, a corset or bustier is the way to go!


Get ready to amp up your mood with some dopamine dressing for your undergarments! It's all about rocking bras and panties in vibrant and exciting colors like royal blue and fuschia. Add a splash of boldness to your underwear drawer!

But hey, if you're not quite ready to go all out with those bright shades, no worries. You can still mix things up and keep it classy with the "new neutrals." Think of shades like burgundy, navy, and olive green. They bring a fresh twist while maintaining that timeless appeal. So go ahead, spice up your underwear game, and let your colors shine!