The Hottest Jewelry Designs for 2022

The Hottest Jewelry Designs for 2022

Jewelry right now is all about having the most fun possible, from edgy gold collars to large, lively earrings and splashes of brilliant, juicy colors. These pieces of jewelry quickly lift your mood and sense of style; they are feel-good jewelry. 

According to celebrity stylist Jason Rembert, who recently returned from the Paris Couture fashion and jewelry shows, "people are done with their sweats; they want to get dressed up again, wear bright colors, and fun pieces that make them feel happy."

The minimalist trend of recent seasons is being replaced by the maximalist look. Jewelry is becoming bolder, stronger, and happier, according to Alysa Teichman, owner of the jewelry store Ylang 23. The joy is in changing it up, mixing new and vintage pieces, adding vibrant accents, and choosing pieces that you can live with. She claims that these diamonds will inspire joy whether you wear them with a party dress, business suit, or tank top.

Here are the top 6 jewelry trends for 2022 that will improve your look and attitude.

The Choker

The choker will enhance any outfit, whether it has a dramatic gold design like Louis Vuitton's new LV Volt Mesh necklace or a slinky torque. According to Rembert, it was one of the most distinctive pieces at the Paris exhibits in January. We just seen a number of jewelers, including De Beers, Boucheron, and Mikimoto, all introduce rather fantastic collar necklaces, which will certainly make their way to the red carpet this award season. Giambattista Valli, Fendi, and Elie Saab, among other designers, all used plunging and strapless necklines at the couture shows, contributing to the trend and "allowing just the proper amount of area for a fantastic collar necklace," he claims.

Maximalist Earrings

It's never out of style to wear large earrings, but this year they're even more audacious. According to Laura Freedman, owner of Broken English, a jewelry company with locations in Los Angeles and New York, consider Silvia Furmanovich's Egyptian-inspired designs or a massive gold David Webb style. In a reference to the '70s and '80s, she's also bringing back the oversized Italian gold hoops. "Every jeweler is creating their own take on the enormous earring. It complements everything stylishly.

Bold Gold Chains

There is no shortage of luxurious gold chains, including hefty bracelets, drop earrings, and long, versatile necklaces that may be wrapped twice for maximum effect. According to Rembert, "it has a retro look and fits well with the 'dopamine' wardrobe trend that everyone keeps bringing up." He mentions Jennifer Fisher, Tiffany & Co., and Sophie Buhai as creating some of the best looks, describing it as having an early '90s vibe. When the '90s-inspired chain link is set with diamonds, it becomes even bigger, chunkier, and more glitzy.

According to Teichman, the best ‘add-ons' are Marla Aaron's stylized locks and Foundrae's symbolic medallions. "Chains are dynamic because you can attach lockets, charms, family treasures to a necklace and make it your own," she adds.

Candy-Color Jewels

Jewelry is given a rush of tremendous vitality by vibrant, luscious colors. Big color is present everywhere, from vivid enamels to enticing diamonds. Teichman claims that she is "infatuated" with Retrouvai's chunky gemstone Lollipop rings and Irene Neuwirth's tropically-inspired carved floral pendants.

Modern Riviere

Everyone's new favorite, the contemporary riviere is fashionable and flexible. In almost every episode of And Just Like That, Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the great jewelry influencers, piled them in multiples. Hailey Bieber uploaded numerous selfies to Instagram wearing tank tops layered with diamond rivieres. Diamonds and colored gemstones are displayed in new designs in a range of sizes, shapes, and costs. According to Freedman, "the riviere is like a second skin." You can stack it with longer necklaces and wear it with just about anything. You can wear it from day to night.

Super Chic Signet Rings

We just can't stop adoring this design. This is so that designers can continue to reinvent these traditional gold rings. New designs, a favorite for everyone, include emotive and personal themes and can be personalized with initials, birthstones, zodiac signs, and just about anything else. According to Freedman, "personalization is baked into the foundation of jewelry; it's what makes jewelry special."