Engagement ring

The Engagement Rings to say I do to in 2022

The Trending Engagement ring styles of 2022

Jewelry has always been rich with symbolism and engagement rings, especially, are loaded with sentiment and meaning. Engagement rings also represent a new beginning and this year, it’s all about a return to authenticity and simplicity. Here, we’ve rounded up the latest styles for you to choose from.

Personal elements

One of the fastest-growing trends among couples has been the desire to craft an image that is both unique and authentic. In engagement rings, that is reflected in alternative engagement rings...a unique cut or an unusual custom-designed setting. It’s fairly easy these days to find a ring design you like and then add tiny tweaks to make it more personal, and more reflective of your relationship.

It doesn’t have to be a diamond

The non-diamond engagement ring trend is actually a resurgence of a retro 60s style. Alternatives include sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. But you could also consider an opal centerpiece, white sapphire, or morganite. These are not traditional stones, but they possess an incredible breath-taking beauty, made even more special by most people’s unfamiliarity with them.

Old Faithful

At a time when simplicity is considered a virtue more than ever, the simple round solitaire is back on top. It never quite went out of style - timeless classics never do - but after years of gigantic sized diamonds and elaborate settings, brides are coveting its austerity more than ever.

Off-set stones

The floating diamond look has been seen on elegant fingers in the high-end fashion and cocktail circuits for years, and now it’s starting to be seen on rapturous brides-to-be. It’s not hard to understand why - the floating gem look gives the illusion of glitter flashing through the air, unconventional and fascinating all at once.

Soft colors

Standard jewel tones like rubies and emeralds are still popular, but a new aesthetic has created a shift towards softer and lighter stones - pastel pinks, blues, greens, and yellows, reflected in the delicacy of morganite, aquamarine, and citrine.

Blackened metals

Blackened metals add an edgy twist to classic diamond settings. Bands made from titanium and rhodium creates a unique light when set under diamonds, giving stones an incredible pop. Darker metals are also a great option if you’re looking for versatility - they look great in vintage styles as well as stark minimal ones.

Multiple stones

There’s been a huge uptick in celebrity multi-stone engagement rings recently. (Check out Meghan Fox’s lovely accompanying emerald.) Double (and even triple) stone rings are becoming super popular. And while they allow you to play around with unique combinations of stones and gems, the double stone in particular has a deeper meaning: it visually showcases the coming together of two people as a couple.

Androgynous styles

Gender-neutral ring options are growing in popularity for obvious reasons. Dainty-rings are still on trend, but women are beginning to gravitate towards bolder, chunkier styles traditionally associated with men’s fashion.