The 8 Jewelry Trends You Should Buy Now Before They Take Over in 2023

From bold statement styles to classic investment pieces.  

The majority of us put on our jewelry at the end before leaving for the day. It makes sense; even if you're wearing underwear as daywear, you should cover your body before accessorizing it with glittering jewelry. But instead of making your rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings an afterthought, think about making them the focal point of your ensemble. To do this, pay attention to the jewelry trends for 2023. They may still serve as the finishing touch, but if you style each item with a little more thought than previously, they might even elevate your fit to an unmatched status.

Although we will always have a place in our closets for classic, everyday accessories, it never hurts to check out the latest fashions. Due to her meetings with designers of fine jewelry brands as well as her expertise working with clients, Victoria Lampley, creator of The Stax, a jewelry and style consultant, was asked to comment on the trends in the industry for the upcoming year. Here are Lampley's recommendations for the top jewelry trends of 2023.


Mermaidcore, with its dreamlike, oceanic, and beachy designs, is evolving into one of the best jewelry designers and is now a mainstay in the fashion industry. It was formerly a popular topic of debate on TikTok. Succumb to the trend's siren song this year, whether it comes in the shape of baroque pearls, molten seashells and aquatic animals, or both.

Buggy Baubles

When you're not daydreaming about lounging in a grotto, indulge your sense of curiosity with unique clothing from designers like Daniela Villegas and Harwell Godfrey. The jewelry connoisseur says, "I've had a lot of clients looking for investment items that are handmade, extravagant, gilded, and meaningful. These pieces frequently feature a symbolic insect or other creature, and the stones can be changed to reflect birthstones for loved ones and important hues.

Modern Artifacts

In light of this, now is the perfect time to buy in contemporary heirlooms, or even better, jewelry that exudes a vintage vibe. Using 22- or 24-carat gold, designers like Jenna Katz, Prounis, Darius Jewels, and Loren Nicole produce objects that appear to belong in a museum of art or history.

Perched Gems

Designers this year are producing styles with stones that nearly stand on their own, both in high-end and fine jewelry. We observe a significant tendency toward "perch" rings, in which the stone is perched on the band and/or encircled by gold.

Big Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are getting bigger in proportion to the increase in large jewelry and accessories. Ear cuffs are still a huge fashion and are only growing in size. This year, make a statement and give your earscape some edge by wearing an XL cuff from Ana Khouri, Natalia Pas, or another stylish designer.

Found Objects

Wear jewelry that is composed of parts of the environment around you- if you want one-of-a-kind stunners, this is the trend to purchase for, from CAM Jewelry's stone pendants to Rondel's seashells from the seashore and sea glass (see: mermaidcore), which are crafted utilizing foraged materials from significant areas.

The Pinky Power

The power pinky is the most feminized item of jewelry, praising designs by Nina Runsdorf, Jenna Katz, and Natalia Pas. It actually has roots in the 1920s and 1930s, when many suffragettes began donning them to symbolize self-love. We'll definitely jump on board for that reason alone.


You may already be aware of lab-grown diamonds and gemstones, which are often produced using more ethical and environmentally friendly mining practices than conventional mining for natural stones. In general, there has been a greater movement to accept lab-grown stones, according to Lampley, who lists Anabela Chan, Dorsey, and Or & Elle as among of her favorite designers in this field.