Mens Coolest Sneaker Trends in 202

Men’s Coolest Sneaker Trends in 2022

In my thoughts, the repurposed, anxiety-inducing video of Bella Hadid buying sneakers with Complex is revealing. I'll never understand why she was acting in such an odd way, but in an effort to give her at least some credit, I respect her unwavering conviction that a man's shoes can make or break him. "If homeboy’s coming through with these? It’s quiet for him,” she says, as she refers to some old fashioned sneakers. But if he comes through in one of the top men’s sneaker trends of the year? “Homeboy’s gonna, like, get it,” she exclaims.

And with that, I'll stop wasting your time (unless you want to watch the whole cringy video for yourself). Here are the top six men's sneaker trends for 2022 that are sure to make your homeboy look good! There is a lot to appreciate on this list, including minimalist pristine white sneakers and outdoorsy gorpcore footwear. There is undoubtedly something for every person's sense of style.

If you prefer to be more relaxed but still want to dress up your regular clothes? Opt for a slip-on made of elegant, supple suede. If you're currently excessive and want to keep going, what should you be doing? Scroll down to the Rick Owens platforms directly.

The best men's shoe trends of the year are detailed below, along with some of our favorite pairs to buy for yourself or your guy.

High Tops Fit for Skating

Probably not in this form, but you've probably seen Nike's iconic BLZR high tops before. These skater sneakers stand out from the crowd because of their striking cherry color. They have a classic appearance, but the lightweight, flexible rubber sole will take your feet to a whole new level of comfort.

Old School

Old-school silhouettes, logos, and hues are in right now, so your stylish new sneakers don't even need to look brand-new. Check out brands like Nike and New Balance and observe how quickly you come to like them. It turns out that the antiquated sneakers you wore in college were actually ageless. To ensure that your old favorites don't feel overly worn in, purchase a fresh pair.


Pay attention to your girlfriend; a pair of immaculate white sneakers is an absolute must-have. regardless of who you are! But bear in mind that they aren't the shoes you wear to the gym or your coed kickball practice. Consider these as special occasion shoes, perfect for a date that is more laid back but yet requires you to look your best. White leather is always a wise choice because it is easy to clean and will break in well.


Although Rick Owens' homage to the original Converse does allude to the reintroduction of lace-up high-tops, it's the platform's inclusion that truly grabs my attention. If you don't like bright colours or unusual materials, let a sturdy platform speak for you and gain some extra height in the process. Of course, you're not actively looking for that.

Suede Slip-Ons

Don't assume you have to choose something rigid if you're seeking to liven up your everyday clothes in 2022. It's possible to combine comfort with style! Suede slip-ons also make things simple. Imagine your favorite worn-in, checkered Vans updated with a soft, premium suede that looks great with both chinos and denim. You won't ever touch the Vans again, I promise.


In essence, gorpcore is the yassification of rustic style. In essence, it indicates that anything that appears to be something you might get from a camping store and pair with a hunting vest is now stylish! There are many ways to achieve the look with shoes, but anything with bungee cord accents, earthy tones, and a rubber sole should work.