Fashion Jeans How to Make Your Legs Turn Heads

Fashion Jeans How to Make Your Legs Turn Heads

Jeans are timeless and have been for a long time. They’re wardrobe essentials that work for every season and any occasion. But the type of jeans people buy, that is to say, the style, changes year by year. Here, you will learn all about expert predictions on new jean trends, and how to adapt them to your aesthetic. 

Low and loose jeans

Fashion always swings from one end to another. The low and loose silhouette is a complete about-turn from skinny jeans (which are apparently declared dead for now). Low and loose jeans have some great benefits - they’re incredibly versatile, great for casual styles as well as nights out.

PS Shoes are a great indicator of jean versatility - this style works with sneakers, platform sandals, and stilettos.

Patchwork jeans

Inspired by the traditional Japanese patchwork style boro, patchwork jeans are made using a sustainable technique - old pieces and deadstock fabrics are reworked into brand new styles and modern silhouettes. Patchwork jeans essentially only work for casual styles - which is fine. They’re a great option for elevating the classic jeans and t-shirt combination.

Embellished jeans

While classic styles never stop trending, bold and experimental styles are on the rise. Embellished jeans add a tinge of flamboyance to every outfit - so if you’re kind of bored of the same old classic styles and want to experiment, these are a great choice.

Jeans with asymmetrical waistlines

These jeans have been trending all over social media. What's the appeal? What makes them “stylish”? Fashion is all about reinventing classic trends and that’s exactly what happens here. The waistline - and the pattern of the buttons - is a great take on the legendary waistcoats of the 80s. Pair these with a crop top and you can even customise the buttons for a more individualistic look.

Print jeans

Print jeans are the most innovative twist to denim in recent times. And you can get as creative as you want with them, using them to make a statement about your personal style sensibilities. The latest trends are a far cry from traditional embroidered flower motifs, you can explore different designs and textures (leather cats? Cloth skulls? Painted patterns?) to your heart's content.

Cuffed jeans

Rolling up or ‘cuffing’ jeans is becoming a default jean-wearing method for people who like a relaxed, laid-back look. Unlike most fashion trends, they’re also really practical. You can modify an existing pair of jeans to make them shorter without having to cuff or sew. Pre-made cuffed jeans are stitched at the bottom of the legs to prevent fabric from getting frayed. If you like going a bit extra, though, 2022 is your year for cuffs. Vogue has predicted that the trendiest cuffed jeans this year are embroidered with butterflies (citing Bluemarine’s spring-summer 2022 collection).

Upcycled jeans

Fashion trends always reflect wider social trends in terms of thought and belief. The continued rise of environmental awareness has made upcycled and refurbished jeans a must-have this year. The look combines resourcefulness with craft aesthetics. Upcycle deadstock denim or invest in a circular design. You can style them in two ways: either let the jeans be the focal point of your outfit and keep everything else simple, or pattern and texture them to clash your outfit creatively.

White jeans

There are so many benefits to light-colored or white jeans. They’re easily layered and work for all seasons. They can be naturally dyed or undyed and paired in a bunch of different ways. There’s something ultra-chic about white denim. White is the color of luxury and of light. They’re a perfect complement to the minimal aesthetic that has penetrated our surroundings. Pair your off-white/white jeans with a simple nude top, or go all in with a head-to-toe ensemble. For a more wintery look, pair your jeans with darker prints and textiles.