Denim Domination and the Must Try Jeans Styles of the Year

From wide-leg denim to deconstructed styles and cargo jeans, discover the latest denim trends taking over in 2023, alongside the elegance of maxi skirts, vibrant pops of pink, cropped flares, and the evolving appeal of skinny jeans.

 "Diana Vreeland, a renowned fashion icon, once famously expressed her admiration for blue jeans by stating, 'Blue jeans are the most beautiful things since the gondola.' The truth behind this statement resonates with people from all walks of life, regardless of their expertise in flat-bottomed boats or their occupation as a magazine editor. Denim possesses a timeless quality that transcends fashion trends. Its versatility allows it to effortlessly complement any wardrobe essential, and its comfort factor, especially in the case of baggy styles, is unmatched. Whether you prefer a dressed-up or dressed-down look, denim offers a myriad of possibilities. Just like the eternal allure of Paris, jeans always remain a reliable choice. Now, let's explore the denim trends that have taken center stage this year."

Indeed, it's hard to argue against the timeless appeal of classic blue jeans. However, every season introduces its own distinctive denim looks, especially in this era where TikTok influences trends at lightning speed, surpassing the time it takes an average person to compose an email. If you find yourself bewildered by the online discussions surrounding skinny jeans and denim leg warmers, fret not. We have compiled a list of the significant styles that are poised to dominate the fashion scene, and it's worth noting that their beauty transcends the traditional blue hue.

Wide-Leg Denim Takes Center Stage

The trend of wide-leg denim is not only expanding in popularity but also evolving in captivating ways. Amidst ongoing debates about skinny jeans, the wide-leg style takes center stage, becoming even more intriguing. According to Caroline Maguire, the fashion director at Shopbop, wide-leg denim with an unfinished hem is exceptionally fashionable at the moment, and it effortlessly complements various items in your wardrobe. She particularly highlights the must-have status of Khaite's Kerrie Jeans and the distinctive silhouette of Citizens of Humanity's Horseshoe Jeans, both showcasing a wide leg that adds a unique touch to your ensemble.

Embrace the Deconstructed Denim Trend

If you're seeking a departure from the traditional denim aesthetic, deconstructed denim offers a refreshing alternative. Patchwork designs and mixed wash styles provide an opportunity to infuse creativity into this wardrobe staple. Notably, numerous brands are embracing sustainable practices by repurposing fabric from old denim pieces or utilizing offcuts to craft innovative and unique creations. Embracing deconstructed denim allows you to make a fashion statement while also contributing to a more eco-conscious approach.

Cargo Jeans: The Rise of Utilitarian Fashion

One of the prominent trends of 2023 is the rise of utilitarian wear, with the cargo pant taking center stage. This oversized silhouette, reminiscent of the Y2K era, has gained immense popularity and has now made its way into the realm of denim. Cargo jeans, characterized by their big and baggy style, make a bold fashion statement. However, their loose fit not only exudes confidence but also offers a comfortable and breezy experience. Embracing cargo jeans allows you to tap into the nostalgia of the past while staying on-trend with contemporary fashion.

The Elegance of the Maxi Skirt

While mini skirts continue to capture attention, thanks to viral micro designs like Miu Miu's, it's important to acknowledge the standout style that emerged on the spring 2023 runways: the maxi skirt. This contrasting trend gained prominence with designers such as Brandon Maxwell (featuring sparkly variations) and Jonathan Simkhai (offering trench-like interpretations). Notably, one of the most memorable maxi skirt moments was Bella Hadid's appearance in an extra-long denim iteration by Givenchy. Embracing the maxi skirt allows you to embrace a sense of elegance and make a striking fashion statement, presenting a refreshing alternative to the current mini skirt frenzy.

Pop of Pink: Making a Vibrant Statement

As pink continues to dominate as the color of the moment, thanks to influential brands like Valentino and Pantone, there are endless possibilities for incorporating this vibrant hue into your wardrobe. One suggestion is to experiment with pink on a pair of jeans, allowing you to fully embrace the Barbiecore aesthetic or start small with bright cuffs or pocket details. Notably, even esteemed accessories brand Wandler is joining in on this color trend by introducing various pops of pink in their new denim and trouser collection. Count us in on this trend, as there's no denying the allure of adding a delightful pop of pink to your ensemble.

Let Your Shoes Shine With Cropped Flares

If you're looking for a trend that allows your footwear to shine, consider opting for a pair of cropped flared jeans. These jeans are designed to shift the spotlight onto your most stylish shoes of the season. Christine Chung, VP of sales and marketing at Just Black Denim, highlights that with the popularity of athletic sneakers and cowboy boots, customers are eager to showcase their new footwear with cropped styles. Moreover, there's an additional advantage to this trend. Chung explains that the slight flare of the silhouette not only elongates the leg but also provides exceptional comfort and versatility, making it suitable for day-to-night wear. Embrace the cropped flares and effortlessly enhance your style while giving your footwear the attention it deserves.

Skinny Jeans: A Timeless Fashion Choice Evolves

Regardless of your personal stance on skinny jeans, one thing is certain: they continue to be a prominent and enduring fashion choice. This is particularly evident as esteemed labels like Mugler reaffirm their commitment to the divisive trend by introducing their distinctive Spiral silhouette, which has garnered a "cult find" status on platforms like Net-A-Porter. This season's skinny jeans go beyond the ordinary, featuring elevated slits, fabric panels, corset-inspired waists, and enticing cut-outs. Embrace the nonconformist nature of these designs and discover that there is nothing basic about the latest iterations of skinny jeans.