Denim Overalls

8 Essential Denim Trends That Are not Jeans

8 Essential Denim Trends That Aren’t Jeans

Denim is in vogue big time this summer, so move over, silk and chiffon. Denim is becoming more prevalent all around, in colors ranging from light tones to rich, deep blues. However, this season is all about using the classic fabric in ways other than the typical pair of jeans.

Who really wants to perform the awkward dance we all do to fit into our jeans with the lingering hot and muggy summer temperatures? Wearing this fabric in items other than jeans will still express the same cool, All-American vibe.


In my opinion, the demand for overalls is still going strong. What's not to love about channeling your inner 5-year-old for the day in a pair of denim overalls? At the beach, wear them with a bathing suit underneath, or dress them down with a printed T-shirt and sneakers. This summer, overalls are ubiquitous in the mall's most well-liked retailers, making it simple to choose a style that complements your sense of style.


I'm afraid you're not doing summer right if you don't already have a romper or jumpsuit in your closet. They have the same look as a sundress and have the extra benefit that you never have to worry about walking over subway grates like Marilyn Monroe. Overalls and denim rompers are somewhat comparable; however the latter can be dressed up with interesting accessories and gladiator shoes.

Button-down shirt

The ideal method to give your summer outfit a polished and put-together feel is with button-down shirts. They add an unexpected new depth to any ensemble when worn unbuttoned and left open. Put one of them on to add some flavor to a simple skirt and shirt ensemble, or button it up to go with white jeans and edgy accessories. The secret with this style is to use chambray, a denim-like fabric that is lighter and breezier for those hot summer afternoons.


Denim shorts are a wise purchase because they are a timeless alternative. On vacation this summer, dress in your high-waisted pair with a flowy crop top and sneakers for a day of seeing a new city.

Crop top

Try wearing a denim crop top while the weather is still hot to kill two birds (or should I say "trends") with one stone. At a picnic or laid-back dinner date, pair this option with a white skater skirt or colorfully patterned shorts. You're set if you add a dash of vivid coral lipstick to accentuate the denim's blue tones.


Jean skirts certainly bring back memories of dorky middle school dances when we used to dress up in Abercrombie jean skirts. However, before you write off this fad, give it another look since denim skirts are back and better than ever. A straightforward tank top and block heel shoes look the best with either a dark wash midi skirt or a flowy skater skirt.


The majority of denim dresses this season are relaxed and comfortable, making them the ideal choice for warm summer days. It is simple to pick a style that matches your preferences because they range in length from long sleeves to sleeveless. The styling options for denim dresses are limited, but they look quite stylish when worn with a floppy felt hat and matching strappy sandals.


Last but not least is the flexible jean vest, a more summer-appropriate version of a jean jacket. Want to give that flowing floral dress a little edge? Put a denim vest on, and you're ready to go. Vests exude the same vintage cool vibe as a denim jacket but without the sweat stains.