8 Must-Have Jackets

From country casual to supermodel chic, meet the jackets that can transform your look. 

Remember how much you hated wearing a gorgeous coat over your clothes when you were younger? Now, a coat completes my look! It's the final touch that ties the whole outfit together, to the point where I dread taking mine off once I'm inside. Whether you're looking for something to wear every day or a statement item for brunch and beyond, the outerwear trends of 2022 are particularly fashionable.

So, what's on the menu? Leather trench coats have officially replaced leather blazers—and, even better if they have a fluffy collar and sleeves! Puffers are receiving a heavenly upgrade with cloud-like duvet-inspired textures and forms, and bright solid hues are replacing subtle neutrals.

1. The trench coat reflects classic British style.

Few toppers are as well-known as the trench coat. A trench coat, no matter what you're wearing, will either make you appear tremendously British like Alexa Chung or basically royal-like Meghan Markle, which are both looks we could live with.

2. The denim jacket that makes you look, well, cool. 

Denim jackets have been around for a long time since they are always fashionable. A denim jacket has been worn by everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna to Chloe Sevigny, which is as good a reason as any to get one. The nicest part about a denim jacket is the apparently endless possibilities. If you currently own a pair of lighter denim, go for a darker wash. If you're bored of large jackets, try one from Proenza's PSWL line, which has nuances like shoelace ruching.

3. Now that you’re not a child, fall in love with the puffer coat.

Puffer coats, like raincoats, have a poor reputation. Puffer coats don't have the same sex appeal as denim or leather, owing to the fact that they were the jackets that everyone's mother made them wear when the weather went below 70 degrees. Basically, puffer coats conjure up images of angsty childhood resentment, but that's a slight inconvenience. Puffer coats in their most recent incarnation are unbelievably cool. Cardi B wore one to fashion week after Rihanna designed a bunch.

4. The leather trench that leaves leather jackets far behind.

It all started with the classic leather jacket. After that, we went over to the leather blazer. Every year, the most popular leather item becomes a few inches longer, and trenches appear to be next on the list. Whether you choose basic black, brown, or cream, you'll find that you can wear it with almost anything.

5. The fluffy faux-fur coat that drips with luxury minus the cruelty.

In the winter, it's socially acceptable to cover yourself in fluff, and a faux fur coat is a luxurious blanket you can wear out in public. It's never been easier to break from the traditional beige fuzz, with more and more manufacturers going fur-free. 

6. The duster coat that shouts stylish professionality.

Because it isn't too heavy, the duster is a great jacket to wear all year. You can wear it alone, like Amal Clooney, to important meetings, or layer it with a faux fur jacket while feverishly exploring the streets for a bar with heat. It has a lot of range, as we mentioned.

7. The bold statement jacket Rihana would be proud of.

When you're late or having a horrible day, everyone has that one piece of clothing that you can count on. We'd like to argue that that piece of apparel is an extremely loud and over-the-top statement coat. You basically don't have to do anything else to create a look if you buy a very outrageous one, and you'll embody Rihanna. And if dressing up like Rihanna in a coat doesn't make you feel better, we don't know what would.

8. The bomber jacket that turns you into an off-duty model.

Bomber jackets have somehow become the poster child for off-duty model cool, but we can't complain because they look great. If you want to leave the home in leggings, just throw on a bomber jacket and tell everyone Gigi Hadid made you do it.