A Tailored Suit

2023 Menswear Revolution a Style Guide for Men

Explore the dynamic world of men's tailoring as we uncover the latest trends, from oversized elegance to sportswear fusion, revolutionizing the way we suit up in 2023

It's understandable to believe that tailoring remains unaffected by trends, and to a large extent, that assumption holds true. The classic suit, dating back to its origins in the 1860s and 70s, has seen minimal changes over time. Throughout the 20th century, it served as the default attire for men of various social backgrounds. Any tailoring trends that emerged didn't deviate significantly from its fundamental elements.

While the suit's fit evolved through the decades and certain fabrics gained popularity, the core concept of a coordinated jacket and trousers, complemented by a contrasting shirt and necktie, remained consistent.

However, in recent years, a noticeable transformation has taken place in the world of suits, a shift that accelerated during the pandemic. The days of tailoring being a strict uniform are now gone. Corporations worldwide have relaxed their dress codes, leading to an increasing number of bankers and stockbrokers opting for more casual ensembles, such as chinos paired with polo shirts, rather than the traditional three-piece pinstripe suits.

The suit has evolved into a matter of personal choice rather than a mandatory dress code, providing ample space for creativity and self-expression. As a result, we now witness a wide array of suit trends in 2023, ranging from the fusion of suits and sneakers to the fashion-forward combination of blazers with sportswear. The suit has truly embraced a new era of versatility and individual style.

Oversized Tailoring: A Resurgent Trend with a Modern Twist

Oversized tailoring isn't entirely a novel concept. In fact, it made its mark as one of the earliest tailoring trends back in the 1980s when designers like Giorgio Armani introduced voluminous double-breasted suits paired with pleated trousers, evoking the timeless elegance of 1950s tailoring. However, there's a clear distinction between Armani's large suits, typically worn in a more conventional manner with collared shirts and ties, and the contemporary take on oversized tailoring we see today. The modern rendition of oversized tailoring has evolved into an entirely different animal altogether.

Workwear Meets Elegance: The Fascinating Evolution of Workwear-Inspired Suits

The concept of workwear-inspired suits may initially seem contradictory. Workwear has conventionally been associated with practical clothing designed for manual labor, such as carpentry or factory work, focusing on durability, utility, and functionality to withstand demanding tasks. On the contrary, suits have long been associated with professionalism in office or business settings, where individuals spend much of their time sitting at desks.

However, in recent times, there has been a fascinating fusion of these two seemingly divergent styles. Designers have drawn inspiration from the rugged elements of workwear and incorporated them into modern suits, creating a unique blend of functionality and sophistication. This emerging trend combines the best of both worlds, resulting in workwear-inspired suits that marry durability and practicality with the polished aesthetics synonymous with formal attire.

Ultimate Comfort Upgrade: The Growing Popularity of Drawstring Trousers

Introducing drawstring trousers might sound like a convenient shortcut, and in a way, it is – but don't dismiss it as sacrilege just yet. While drawstring trousers may not revolutionize the way you wear a suit, they have a significant impact on how it feels. The transition from a conventional fixed waistband to an elasticated one cannot be overstated in terms of elevating the comfort levels of your pants. It's a small modification that brings a notable improvement in wearability and ease of movement.

Sportswear Meets Sophistication: The Seamless Blend of Tailoring and Sporty Fashion"

In the past, nailing the athleisure look was a challenge. Blending traditional tailoring with sweatpants and running shoes often lacked harmony. However, a fresh approach to wearing tailored clothing alongside sportswear has surfaced, and it's perhaps the most seamless and effortless way to achieve the perfect fusion.

Elevated Style: The Allure of Tailoring with Denim Shirts

Pairing tailoring with denim shirts creates a surprisingly harmonious combination. While denim is typically associated with casual wear and sturdy work attire, when incorporated with a suit, the outcome is remarkably appealing. This effect is particularly pronounced when the suit itself exhibits a rich texture, effectively complementing the indigo yarn's ruggedness in the denim shirt. The fusion of tailoring and denim proves to be a winning combination, marrying elegance with a touch of laid-back charm.

The Sneaker Suit Dilemma: Fashion's Enduring Debate

Wearing suits with sneakers can be seen as the ultimate way to dress down a suit or, from a different perspective, as a casual and somewhat scruffy choice. Opinions on this style remain divided, but one cannot deny the undeniable appeal it holds. The combination of suits and sneakers has been around for at least a decade, yet it continues to spark debate and remains a polarizing look in the world of fashion.