Why Owning a Static Caravan Makes Sense

A static caravan is a caravan that spends most of its life in a holiday park. They’re also referred to as ‘holiday homes’, ‘mobile homes’ and ‘holiday lodges’. Let’s take a look at why you should think about buying one.

Save money in the long term

Once you have a caravan in your name, you’ll have fewer extra costs. It works out way cheaper than renting caravans for holidays over the years. The maintenance cost is less than a regular holiday home, so that basically reduces your on-going costs.

But it’s not just about holidays. Static caravans are a real solution for privately-owned affordable housing, allowing people on a budget to become homeowners of a convenient and comfortable (and even luxurious) space. You could even look to sublet a room to earn extra money. Used static caravans offer even more value with older models available from around $3000, all the way up to luxury modern units in the region of $25000. If you maintain your static well, it can reach the age of 35+ if not longer. That’s a solid and rewarding investment.

Hassle-free holidays

You won’t have to spend hours going through dozens of websites looking for the best holiday deals. You don’t have to worry about soaring aeroplane tickets during peak travel season. You can simply go where you want, when you want. Whether it’s for a long summer vacation or a short weekend break. A static caravan also gives you access to areas of wilderness while keeping you in a relative state of luxury and safety compared to campers in tents.

Luxury interiors

Static caravans are great in terms of choice. You get to pick the specific model you like the most, so you’re definitely going to feel at home with the design and interiors. The rising popularity of statics has also improved the effort manufacturers put into them: you’ll find modern high-end fittings that are both stylish and practical. Many of them are furnished, so you don’t have to worry about furniture as an additional cost.

There’s something for everyone

You don’t need to belong to a particular family dynamic to own a static caravan. It’s a good option for retired couples, but also for young singles, as well as families with small children. More and more statics have loads of storage options and clever layouts that make the most of available space. Companies also offer a huge selection of sizes — there are several static caravans that are designed with 3+ bedrooms — and twin units.

A sense of community

Whether you’re a full-time resident at a park, or just holidaying there, you can find new neighbours and a community of like-minded people. This community spirit is actually a huge part of the static caravan life. Many parks have special events throughout the year, encouraging people to come together through food and entertainment.

When you’re buying a static, check it fits all the requirements and access for parks to understand where you can site it, particularly if you already have a specific community or location you’d like to join.