Car wax being sprayed on

The Top 5 Car Waxes of 2023

In-home car wax should be easy to use and efficient.

The top car waxes can shield your car's paint against contaminants, tree sap, and UV ray damage. While car wax won't repair your paintwork, it will add an extra layer of protection for the clear coat and make cleaning your car easier.

Although you can hire a professional detailer to wax your vehicle, you can also do it yourself very easily. Your optimal option will depend on your budget, the color of your car, and the weather where you live because there are so many exceptional car waxes on the market. In this article, we'll outline the sorts of automotive wax, suggest our top five options, and provide advice on how to choose the best car wax for your requirements.

All of these suggested waxes are simple to use, do a good job of protecting the paint on our test car, and continue to have positive online customer reviews. We'll go into detail about why we think these options are the leading automobile waxes that auto enthusiasts will like.

5 Best Car Waxes

Best Paste Wax: P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

Best Liquid Wax: Meguiar’s G210516 Ultimate Liquid Wax

Best Spray Wax: CSI Q-7 Wax

Most Protection: Collinite No. 845

Best Budget Option: Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax

1 Best Paste Wax: P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

Type: Paste wax 

Price: 6.12$ Per ounce


Ease of use

Excellent defense


A little goes a long way.


Higher ounce price

Not offered in large quantities on Amazon

One of the best auto waxes has been around for a while and is still P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax. P21S is more expensive per ounce than other products, but since a little goes a long way, the overall cost is equivalent to that of other waxes.

The P21S Carnauba Wax was incredibly simple to use. The wax spreads incredibly easily, only a small amount is required to cover a broad area, and the application process is made easier by the

wide-mouthed bottle.

This auto wax was applied in the summer, but it can be more challenging to apply in the winter. As long as the wax is soft enough to apply easily, it will look fantastic and offer long-lasting protection.

2 Best Liquid Wax: Meguiar’s G210516 Ultimate Liquid Wax

Type: Liquid

Price: 1.35$ Per ounce


Excellent defense

Includes a microfiber towel and a polishing pad for durability


May seem oily on some paint jobs.

Not offered in large quantities on Amazon

In our evaluation of the top wheel cleaners, the Meguiar's brand routinely provides high-quality car maintenance products, and its wheel cleaner received favorable reviews. There are many top-notch auto waxes available from Meguiar's, but we choose Meguiar's G210516 Ultimate Liquid Wax. The product provides excellent protection, is simple to use, and has a long shelf life.

Even without a spray applicator, Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax is incredibly simple to use. Results can be noticed almost immediately, and the product applies and removes quite effortlessly.

Only the P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax was better at protecting after several weeks than Meguiar's. Actually, it was challenging to distinguish between the two top vehicle waxes. Each produced a shield that made it possible to wipe away dirt and tree sap from the hood of our test car without the need for additional buffing.

No other wax on our list includes extras like the microfiber towel and buffing pad that are included with Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax. These supplies aren't expensive or hard to come by, and you might already have them if you regularly clean or wax your car. However, having these items on hand might be useful if this is your first time waxing your vehicle.

3 Best Spray Wax: CSI Q-7 Wax

Type: Spray

Price: 0.43$ per ounce


Very simple to use

High standard of safety


In large supply


Not as protective as the best waxes

The simplest kind of auto wax to use is typically a spray wax. The disadvantage of spray waxes is that they frequently don't last as long or provide as much protection as paste or liquid car waxes. But unlike many liquid waxes, CSI Q-7 Wax provides exceptional protection.

The most straightforward wax to uniformly spread over the paint of our test automobile. With the spray bottle, there is no longer any need for dabbing, and paste wax clumping is avoided. It can be challenging to determine where the CSI Q-7 Wax has already been applied while buffing, though, because it sprays on so thinly.

CSI Q-7 Wax rivaled our picks for the top paste or liquid vehicle waxes in terms of the protection it provided. If you look closely, it doesn't seem to cover your car quite as well, but given how simple it is to use, customers might not care.

4 Most Protection: Collinite No. 845

Type: Liquid

Price: 1.25$ per ounce



Excellent Protection

Ideal for white vehicles


It must be warmed up before use.

Some people complain that black vehicles don't shine very well.

Collinite No. 845 is recognized as a premium liquid wax that is very reasonably priced. It takes a little longer to use because you have to warm the wax up first, but once you have, it goes on smoothly and offers durable protection.

Collinite No. 845 did an outstanding job of protecting the paint on our test car, just like all the best car waxes do. It was impossible to identify the difference except under extremely close inspection, even though some other waxes appeared to offer slightly stronger protection.

We were able to use this wax immediately out of the bottle, despite the fact that the directions on the bottle state that you must warm it in the sun or in warm water before application. Because our testing was done in the summer in North Carolina, results in the winter can vary.

5 Best Budget Option: Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax

Type: Liquid

Price: 1.20$ per ounce


Adequate Protection



Gallon-based pricing 

Slightly less protective

Shortened longevity

Butter Wet Wax by Chemical Guys is an inexpensive choice that provides respectable protection and is simple to use. Another benefit is that buyers can buy the wax online by the gallon.

This wax is easy to use, gorgeous to look at, and provides respectable protection. On our white test vehicle, it doesn't stand out as much as some of the others on this list. Without paying close attention, it's tough to tell the differences, but this wax performs a little worse than some of the other top car waxes.

Depending on the color of your car, you might decide that you like the look and sheen of Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax. This product is unquestionably worthwhile to try if you're still searching for the best car waxes for your automobile.